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Welcome to Dark Redemption, a fan fiction novel based on the old TV series, Dark Shadows. Chapters are in reverse order. To read from the┬ábeginning, press the Next Page link until you find the Prologue. That’s where to begin. Or click here.

Epilogue – Night Visitors


Three years had passed since Barnabas Collins had passed away. Things were happier in the great house of Collinwood.

David and Hallie were actually getting along pretty well. Roger Collins decided to retire again, but not before he had sent his son and daughter-in-law on a cruise for a few weeks. Both had protested, but Roger wouldn’t be denied. He had decided that after they returned, it was time for some travel of his own and he flew off to Hawaii for a couple of months. (more…)

Dark Descent – Chapter 30

The Temple of Benu

Barnabas’ lifeless body lay on the altar. The temple was a spiritual place, existing only on a plane barely intersecting with the world of the living. The temple had once stood in ancient Heliopolis, but through the workings of evil demons posing as gods, like Ra and Benu, the temple had been moved into this other dimension. (more…)

Firestorm – Chapter 29

Collinsport Inn

Raymond Murdoch opened the door of his suite and reached down for the morning edition of the Collinsport Star. In the headline he saw a most welcome piece of news: “Barnabas Collins Dies, Collins Family Mourns.” (more…)

Hidden Costs – Chapter 28

The Old House

Julia listened as Angelique finished her speech to Barnabas and then surmised that Angelique was doing the deed that Julia had urged her to do. (more…)

Ultimate Sacrifice – Chapter 27

Collinwood Cottage

Ramona Broman sat quietly next to her husband as he slowly navigated the old worn road back towards Collinwood. Eventually they came to the better-maintained asphalt driveways of Collinwood and approached their home, the lovely little Collins cottage. (more…)

Heart of the Fathers – Chapter 26

Rose Cottage

Eleanor and Amy Collins sat in the drawing room of Rose Cottage, having recovered from the previous night’s ordeal by sleeping most of the day. Except for the earlier visit of Laura, things had been fairly quiet for them. Now, they had some unexpected houseguests. Amy’s brother Chris and his wife Sabrina seemed like a natural choice as houseguests, but this strange middle-aged woman, Mrs. Miriam Rice was unexpected. Quentin Collins had arranged it and hinted that Mrs. Rice, was there to help with their problem. (more…)

Unholy Union – Chapter 25

Collinsport Beach

Plunging headlong, Quentin managed to tackle Joe Haskell, just as he struck out with the wooden stake aimed at Angelique’s breast. They wrestled momentarily in the sand, but Joe’s middle-aged body was no match for Quentin’s youthful agility. (more…)

Dark Discovery – Chapter 24

The Beach House

It was nearing dawn. Angelique paced back and forth, her bloodlust growing, but her intelligence telling her it was too late to go out and find someone and that it was unwise to finish off Chad. If she could only white-knuckle until dawn, she could enter her coffin and have some respite from the horrible urges. When she had first awakened from her grave, cursed to be a vampire by the demon Ra, the bloodlust had driven her like an animal. She hated being like that and was glad to have regained some measure of composure. Still, it was terrifying even to her to crave to drink the blood of human beings. (more…)

The Search – Chapter 23

Rose Cottage

Eleanor, Amy, and Trina Collins, along with Carolyn Loomis sat in the library waiting for word from the police. There were search parties out looking for young Damien, joined by Alex and Willie. (more…)

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